Learning Outcomes Committee

The Learning Outcomes Committee provide specific observable characteristics developed by faculty that allow them to determine or demonstrate evidence that learning has occurred as a result of a specific course, or program. The Antelope Valley College Board of Trustees relies primarily on the Academic Senate for advice on educational program development, standards/policies regarding student preparation and success, degree and certificate requirements, and curriculum including prerequisites; thus the Committee for Student Learning Outcomes is an Academic Senate responsibility.

The Outcomes Committee will determine a campus-wide process for the uniform implementation and assessment of Student Learning Outcomes at the course, program, and department level. A faculty chair is responsible for chairing the committee and overseeing that the functions of the Outcomes Committee are met.


  • provide support and training
  • recommend and provide samples of effective assessment tools
  • provide support in the analysis of data
  • provide connections to current campus practices
  • provide support and data in program review
  • provide support and data to the accreditation reports
  • Learning Outcomes (SLOs and PLOs) are connected to Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs)
  • act as a resource group and maintain liaison to AP&P


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Approved SLOs, PLOs for Discipline Courses

Last updated: December 28, 2020