Student Clubs & Organizations

Student Life and Services: Student Clubs & Organizations

All registered students are eligible for membership in the clubs and organizations of their choice. Students are encouraged to form additional clubs and organizations to meet special needs or interests.  All new clubs and organizations are a part of the Inter-Club Council (ICC) after approval from the Board of Trustees.  Having a minimum of 10 students, faculty advisor and completing the necessary paperwork is all that is needed to begin.  The Student Life and Services Office assists all clubs in processing and paperwork in maintaining all the club's financial records and banking needs.

Active Clubs

  • A2MEND

Advisor:  Vejae Jennings,

​Club Focus:  To promote the enhancement of enrollment, success, empowerment, leadership, networking, professionalism, and graduation of individuals among African American Latino, and other male students at Antelope Valley College.

Advisors:  Dr. Matthew Jaffe,, Thomas Graves,, and Dr. Mark McGovern,

​Club Focus:  A society to promote and recognize high scholastic achievement while also serving the community through service activities and volunteer work.

  • ANYA - American Native Yonutenen Association

Advisors:  Jeffery Cooper,

Club Focus:  To establish connections with tribal nations to offer volunteer services and to promote indigenous culture through workshops and events.

  • Anthropology Club

Advisors:  Dr. Darcy Wiewall,,

Club Focus:  To provide students of all academic backgrounds and fields of study the opportunity to explore the discipline of anthropology in all its facets:  archaeological, cultural, biological, and linguistic.  Thereby, sponsoring original research opportunities, open lectures, forums, and activities related to the discipline.

  • Asian Appreciation Association

Advisor:  Alberto Mendoza,  

​Club Focus:  To contribute to the education of students by providing opportunities to understand and appreciate various aspects of Asian culture through engaging presentations, enriching conversation, and events..

  • AVC Digital Media

Advisor:  Bradley Smith,  

Club Focus:  ​To enhance and promote the skills and talent of digital media students via workshops, exhibits, and festivals on campus.

  • AVC Percussion Association

          Advisor: Gary Heaton - Smith,

Club Focus:  To give percussionists or those interested in becoming percussionists a place to meet, have fun, and do percussion related activities.

  • AVC SkillsUSA

            Advisors: Joe Owens,, Jim Landreth,

            Club Focus: To promote Trade, Health, Engineering, Communications, AJ, IT, and Science through teamwork and       competition.


Advisor:  Dr. Zia Nisani,, Richard Biritwum,

Club Focus:  ​To increase the interest, education, networking, visibility and social support for STEM majors and to advocate for STEM programs.

  • Black Student Union

Advisor:  Scott Lee,

Club Focus:  To develop positive social outlets and instill pride and self-esteem.  Open to anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of the African experience.

  • Child and Family Education 

Advisor:  Kim Barker,

Club Focus:  To provide learning opportunities to foster professional and personal growth.

  • CNSA

 Advisor:  Mary Jacobs,

Club Focus:  To create an atmosphere of professional behavior and foster the transition from student to professional nursing through leadership, activism, and advocacy.

  • Deaf Studies Association 

Advisor:  Maurice Boyd,  

Club Focus:  A place to welcome all who are new or beginning students who are interested in expanding their awareness to Deaf Culture. 

  • Elohist

Advisor:  Sherri Zhu,

Club Focus:  To educate our fellow students as the value of spiritual understanding and spiritual well being.  Only when we understand ourselves both physically and spiritually can we truly make a positive impact on our community.

  • English Club

Advisor:  Scott Covell,

Club Focus:  To read, write, and discuss various forms of literature and develop reading and writing skills.

  • Gamer's Club

          Advisor: Ryan Rivas,

Club Focus:  To promote awareness of E-sports and create a welcoming environment for casual, competitive gaming.

  • HOLA

Advisor: Katherine Quesada,

Club focus:  To expose the AVC community to the rich and diverse Hispanic culture.  To promote intellectual discussion, tolerance of cultural backgrounds, and foster cultural insight.

  • Industrial Hemp Student Alliance 

Advisor:  Noah Stepro,

Club Focus:  To educate the community at AVC in the environmental sustainability benefits from cultivating industrial hemp.

  • Multiversal Media

    Advisor:  George P.A. Dover,

    Club Focus:  To publish a bilingual magazine in various formats, and to promote multiculturalism.

  • Music Production

    Advisor:  Jonathan Lacroix,

    Club Focus:  To provide an open collaborative forum for music production.

  • Photography Club

            Advisor:  Tim Meyer,

            Club Focus:  To form a connection between local photographers.  

  • Pre-Law Club

         Advisor:  Alberto Mendoza,

         Club Focus:  To allow students with an interest in law to explore the world of law.

  • Pride Advocates

          Advisor: Michael Hart,

Club Focus:  To create a safe space for the LGBTQIA community as well as inspire, nourish, and educate them and everyone else.

  • Psychology Student Organization

Advisor: Fredy Aviles,

Club Focus:  We, as students of Antelope Valley College, in order to support the academic pursuits of its member, facilitate psychology-related activities and promote learning of psychology.

  • Respiratory Care 

Advisor: Wendy Stout,

Club Focus:  To help support those committed to completing the respiratory care program at Antelope Valley College.

  • Student Nurses Association (SNAC)

Club Focus:  Work to obtain funds for the RN program through fundraising activities for pinning and graduation ceremony.

  • SNAC Fall 2021  

          Advisor:  Susan Snyder,

  • SNAC Spring 2022

          Advisor:  Kimberly Smith,

  • SNAC Fall 2022

          Advisor:  Yesenia Cota,

  • SNAC Spring 2021

          Advisor:  Maria Kilayko,

  • LVN COVID-Nurses 21

Advisor: Elinda Parkinson,

Club Focus:  To discuss and advocate for a better program for current and future nursing students.

  • Theater Arts Club

Advisor: Jonet Leighton,, Eugenie Trow,, Suzanne Wakefield,, Carla Corona,

Club Focus:  To support theatrical practitioners, create student produced work, and explore the theatrical world.

  • Umoja Club 

Advisor: Marshion Nowden,

Club Focus:  To bring unity, monitoring and community among AVC students.

  • United Artists for Social Change

Advisor: Carla Corona,

Club Focus:  To use creative expression as a vehicle for change so that people are inspired to take action and build a more beautiful world.

  • Veterans

Advisor:  Edward Knudson,,  Ashley Hawkins,

Club Focus:  To provide social groups to help veterans adjust to and become successful in civilian and college life; to bridge the gap amongst veterans and students at AVC.



Last updated: April 28, 2021