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Travel for 2021/2022 is allowable for Mandatory and/or Required Events ONLY.

ALL travel taking place July 1, 2021 or later, requires an approved Exec Council Travel Checklist uploaded to your Pre-Approval.

All approved travel, including virtual travel, must be submitted through Chrome River.  Chrome River will be the only travel program utilized beginning July 1, 2020; paper requests for travel will no longer be utilized. 


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First things first!  If you haven't done so already, you will need Chrome River training before you can submit requests to travel.  Chrome River training is provided through a training video located in myAVC.  This training video walks you through the Chrome River System and collects the information ITS needs to provide you with access to the system. You MUST watch the video in it's entirety in order to be given access. Please reach out to travel@avc.edu with any questions.

Screenshot of link location on myAVC (Pages, Training, Chrome River)


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To access the Chrome River Site, a minimum of 48 hours after Training, log into myAVC and select the Chrome River link under Travel on the Employee Services page.

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Policy & Procedures

The Antelope Valley College District Policies and Procedures have been updated to include Chrome River.

Student Travel Policy and Procedure - updated 6/10/2021

Employee Travel Policy and Procedure - updated 8/10/2021

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Here is a guide to help you through the Pre Approval Process.

Training Booklet Pre Approval.pdf 1-2020

Here is a guide to help you through the Expense Process.

Training Booklet Expense.pdf 1-2020

Here is a guide for Approvers.

Approving in Chrome River (1-29-2020)

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These are the forms you'll need for travel: 

Student Travel and Meal Money Form 2020.pdf

Exec Council Travel Checklist - updated 9/14/2021

Procurement & Virtual Card/Standing Purchase Order Agreement

Pre Approval Documentation Check List - updated 8/12/2021

Expense Documentation Checklist - updated 6/10/2021

Occupancy Tax Waiver Form - updated 7/8/2021

Student Roster

Facilities Vehicle Request.pdf

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Board Deadlines

Travel Authorization Report
Pre Approvals must be received by the deadline dates listed within the Board Deadlines to ensure processing on the Travel Authorization Report.  Pre Approvals that miss the deadline will be processed for the next scheduled Regular Board of Trustees meeting.

Click here for a list of Board Deadline dates.

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Chrome River Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Pre-Approval and General Travel Questions
Email:  travel@avc.edu
Phone:  661-722-6310

Expense Reports and Reimbursements
Email:  accounts_payable@avc.edu
Phone: 661-722-6309

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Last updated: September 14, 2021