Graduation Office

Graduation Office

The Graduation Office evaluates transcripts and other educational records for the purpose of awarding degrees and certificates.

Mission Statement:

The Enrollment Services (Admissions & Records, Graduation and Transcript Departments) mission is to serve as a continuous resource for students throughout their academic experience. 

Enrollment Services serves as a resource for admissions, registration transactions, academic records and grades, athletic intercollegiate eligibility, petitions, evaluation of transcripts for the purpose of awarding degrees and certificates, enrollment verifications, and the production of a timely and accurate transcript.  Enrollment Services is committed to a positive student experience and offers a variety of accurate, efficient, and prompt services using a variety of resources and technologies.

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Graduation Office FAQs

What is the difference between Commencement and Graduation?

Commencement - The ceremony held at the end of each Spring term to recognize degree and certificate achievement. All students who apply for graduation are eligible and encouraged to participate in the ceremony. Participation in the annual Commencement ceremony does not indicate the completion of your degree or certificate.

Graduation - The official awarding of a degree or certificate to a student's records after all degree requirements and proficiencies are met. Students must apply for graduation to earn their degree or certificate. See the Graduation Office or website for more information.

How is a cumulative GPA different from a cumulative GPA for Graduation?

Cumulative GPA - A grade point average consisting of AVC coursework and the articulated coursework from other accredited schools attended.

Cumulative GPA for Graduation - A grade point average consisting of degree applicable AVC coursework and the articulated coursework from other accredited schools attended.  A cumulative grade point average of 2.0 ("C" average) is required to graduate.

Are there any costs for applying for a diploma or certificate?

There are no costs for applying for a diploma or certificate. All students are issued one original diploma and/or certificate per degree at no cost.

How do I know if I am ready to graduate?

Review your degree requirements and Education Plan. It is recommended meeting with a counselor to ensure you are meeting all the degree requirements. The Graduation Office cannot advise students of specific coursework to complete degree requirements.

What is the process for Graduation?

Confirm with a counselor to ensure that all your degree requirements are met.

Ensure that you have declared your major. If not, then complete the form with the Admissions and Records Department.

Ensure all official transcripts from other schools or institutions are on file.

Go online to complete a Graduation/Certificate application. Applications can be submitted online, through the U.S. Mail or in person to the Graduation Office.

A preliminary evaluation will be sent to your AVC email account showing the courses completed and in progress that meet the degree requirements. To find out the specific coursework needed for degree, check out the appropriate AVC catalog or see a counselor.

A final evaluation is completed and will be sent to your AVC email account once the graduation term has ended and grades are posted. Students will be notified by email if the degree requirements were not met. If a student did not meet the degree requirements, it is recommended they meet with a counselor. Not having all transcripts on file and articulated will delay the evaluation process.

Degrees and Certificates will be posted to a student's records so official transcripts can be requested from the Transcript Department.

Students will be notified by email when Diplomas and Certificates are available for student pick-up.

When do I need to complete a graduation application?

Applications are received by the Graduation Office either in person, by U.S. Mail, or through the Graduation website. Priority application processing is October 15 for Spring/Summer graduates and April 15 for Fall/Intersession graduates. Registered Nurses must submit applications by the end of the second term. There are no deadlines to apply for certificate programs.

Important: If you have prior coursework from another school or institution, submit your application one term prior to your last term so your coursework can be articulated and entered in your AVC records.

What If I have coursework from another school or institution?

Make sure that the most recent official transcript has been received by AVC. Be sure to notate all schools attended on your graduation application.

How often are degrees and certificates awarded?

Degrees and certificates are awarded at the end of Spring, Summer, and Fall terms.

When is the next commencement ceremony?

Antelope Valley College has one commencement ceremony per year.  The 2020 Commencement is on Friday, May 29, 2020, at 7 p.m. at the Brent Carder Marauder Stadium. 

Where do I get my cap and gown?

Cap and gowns can be purchased at the AVC Marauder Bookstore beginning the week after Spring Break.  A tassel is included with the cap and gown. Tassels for honor students can be purchased separately from the bookstore.

Will my name appear in the annual Commencement brochure?

Yes, unless you have elected to have your information marked as confidential. Under the Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA), your name will not be added to the commencement brochure if you have elected your information to be confidential. To see if your records are marked confidential, please see Admissions and Records. The annual brochure lists those students who are scheduled for graduation during the current Fall, Spring, and Summer terms. If a student has earned their degree before those terms, they will not be included in the brochure.

How will my name appear on my diploma?

The name on your AVC records will appear on your diploma. Please come to Admissions and Records, located in the Student Services Lobby, to update your name, address and/or confidentiality status.

When will my diploma be available for pick-up?

It is encouraged that all local graduates pick-up their awards. Students must bring a photo ID.

Fall semester - Estimated date for pick-up by February

Spring semester - Estimated date for pick-up by August

Summer - Estimated date for pick-up by September

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