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Nhezhem Peoples

My intent is to provide my fellow students with every possible academic resource support during our return to normalcy in a period of anything but ordinary. Throughout my time in this position, I will look into and undertake any suggestions students make. The likelihood of returning to in-person classes is very high. As such, more and more students will be coming back to school, so having this crucial communication line is essential for students’ voices to be heard, something I will advocate on behalf of students. 


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Cory Barnes 

As a returning AVC student followed by making the Dean’s list and Honor’s program, I am inclined to give back the knowledge i gain here at AVC. To say the least, I am dedicated and involved in not only the Antelope Valley Community but AVC as well. I am group-minded, non-judgmental, and I want the best for every student, including special needs. I value a diverse setting where we all are treated equally with access to all of the same resources. I am coming forth to bring awareness and advocacy to AVC. I vow to do my best and give it my all in order for student and faculty success along with the future success of AVC.


Meiyi Ye

As a student who has had two years prior experience as a treasurer, I know how fundings work and what will work or will not work in raising money for the school. Most importantly I know how to use the fundings properly, in the best interest of the AVC student body and AVC. Also as a minority student, I will not tolerate any prejudice in the student body. I will make AVC a place that treats everyone equally. 


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   Election Code

Associated Student Organization

Antelope Valley College

Spring 2021


The following procedures were prepared by the Associated Student Executive Council for the ASO Spring election.


     I.     Authority


The ASO Executive Council and Dean of Student Life and Services and/or designee will have full authority to enforce the Election Code for the Spring 2021 election.


The Executive Council and Dean of Student Life and Services and/or designee shall recommend and enforce sanctions against candidates who violate the Election Code during the Spring election.  Their decision is final.


  1. Positions available:

            The Executive Board, in order of succession, consists of the:

  • President
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Vice President of Student Services
  • Vice President of Club Affairs
  • Executive Director of Public Relations
  • Executive Director of Special Programs
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Senator positions  (10)


The House of Senators consists of 10 Senators that will be appointed to a Dean for representation in each division/area on campus after the election by the ASO President with approval of the ASO Executive Council. Senator position titles are reflective of the college dean structure and ASO will have one Senator for each division/area.  If the college changes division/area names the ASO positions will be modify to reflect this.


III.       Qualifications for obtaining office:


            A.  Be an active member of the ASO while holding office.


            B.  Maintain and complete five (5) units of course work at AVC per semester.  To be seated, your Spring 2021 grades and units must be posted to your transcript.  You are required to have completed a minimum of five (5) units the spring elected with at least a 2.00 GPA for the semester and a cumulative GPA of a 2.00 or higher.


    C.  Must have and maintain at least a 2.00 GPA at AVC.

  1. If running for the Executive Board of ASO (president, vice president of academic affairs, vice president of student services, vice president of club affairs, executive director of public relations, executive director of special programs, treasurer or secretary), you must have completed a minimum of twelve (12) units of college level course work at AVC during the time you take office.
  1. No member of the ASO can hold an office for more than three (3) years collectively.


            F.   Students on disciplinary and/or academic probation are ineligible to run for or hold any office provided for in the Constitution and By-Laws of the Antelope Valley College Associated Student Organization.


            G.  Student must discuss with the Dean of Student Life and Services and/or designee the duties of the office for which one is filing a Declaration Letter of Intent. A candidate can declare and run for only one position.


            H.  If the candidate does not meet the requirements prior to the election or maintain them during the term of office, he/she must forfeit the office.  If ineligibility occurs, the next runner up will be sworn into office.


IV.       All elected and appointed officers are subject to the ASO Constitution and By-Laws. Please read it carefully.


   V.     Campaigning and qualifications to run for office


            A.  Students who meet the qualifications to run for office can begin to campaign once their candidacy is verified and all paperwork is submitted by Thursday, April 15, 2021, by submitting documents to the Student The student meets with the Dean of Student Life and Services or designee prior campaigning. The qualifications to run for office include a declaration letter of intent, which will be verification of the candidate’s enrollment. Only after these steps have been cleared can the candidate begin to campaign.


            B.  All campaign material must be removed by Friday, April 16, 2021. No campaigning is allowed within 25 feet of an open computer lab or an official voting location.


            C.  The following procedures have been established for campaign material.


                  1.   Stamped approved posters, signs, flyers, etc. (by the Dean of Student Life and Services) (maximum size 20" x 14") are not permitted to be attached to glass surfaces (on the outside or on the inside), glass doorways, nor the glass dome on the south end of the Student Services Building. Posters, signs, flyers, etc. are not permitted in the classrooms, on painted or varnished surfaces, trees or on any light poles. Thumb tacks are acceptable for bulletin boards. No transparent tape or staples are allowed. The use of clear tape, nails, tacks and other damaging objects are prohibited in the posting of campaigning material. Blue Painters tape is required to attach flyers to approved surfaces.


                  2.   Flyers are not permitted on car windows or in faculty mailboxes. They may be placed on tables in the cafeteria, but they may not be taped to the tables and not exceed the size of 20" x 14".


                  3.   Each candidate is limited to four (4) posters posted around campus.


                  4.   Stamped approved banners (by the Dean of Student Life and Services) are limited in size to 48 inches by 10 feet long and are permitted to be posted in the cafeteria and are limited to two (2) per candidate. 


            E.   Speaking Sessions


                  1.   Arrangements may be made by each candidate to speak to the individual clubs on campus by obtaining permission from the club and approval by the club advisor.


                  2.   Candidates may speak to groups of students assembled in classrooms prior to and immediately after instruction with instructor's approval.


            F.   Handouts


Stamped approved handouts (by the Dean of Student Life and Services) are permissible, but you cannot force people to take them.


  VI.     Elections Dates and Procedures

  1. Elections will be held from April 28, 2021 through April 29, 2021. Voting will be online through myAVC. The polls will close at midnight on April 29, 2021.
  1. All students currently enrolled in classes are eligible to vote.
  1. The ballot order will be determined by the date the candidates submit their Letter of Intent
  1. Election results will be posted online and outside of T700E.
  1. All candidates including write-in candidates must receive a majority vote to win and they must receive at least a minimum of ten (10) votes and meet the eligibility requirements to be declared the winner of the election.
  1. All protests concerning the election must be submitted in writing no later than 9 a.m. on Friday, April 9, 2021 to the Dean of Student Life and Services and/or designee.

VII.     Special Campaign Arrangements


Any special campaign activities not mentioned in the above campaign procedures must be submitted in writing in advance for approval by the Dean of Student Life and Services and/or designee.


VIII.    The Executive Council and Dean of Student Life and Services and/or designee reserve the right to extend the filing deadline for any position where there are no declarations filed or no candidate meets the qualifications for obtaining office.

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Last updated: April 27, 2021